The Roberts family has provided reliable insurance protection for Anderson since 1974. After graduating from Clemson University in 1999, John joined his family’s insurance agency. His father, John W. “Tommy” Roberts, gave him the guidance and knowledge necessary to become a trusted advisor. John soon realized the need to expand from a single-source insurance provider into the independent agency market. This would allow his team to offer multiple, competitive rates and products to his customers. As a result, he founded the John Roberts Insurance Agency in 2002.


Nearly 20 years later, JRIA continues to expand its horizons, offering sound coverage for personal and commercial clients—many of whom have been part of our insurance family since John was just a young boy. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family or business to become part of our growing family. As always, we remain dedicated to being
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Our Team

John Roberts


John Roberts has been a licensed insurance agent since 1999. He founded JRIA in 2002, so he understands the challenges of starting and running a small business. He has a family history of providing custom insurance coverage and protecting assets, and he knows how to work with clients to adapt as their families and businesses grow. “As Anderson’s Agent”, John says, “I know how to assess each individual’s specific insurance requirements and shop among multiple provider companies to find the ideal coverage they need. That’s how we take care of our insurance family.”

Ann Garland

Business/Commercial Insurance

Ann Garland has been a licensed commercial insurance agent since 1984. “I love the details of working with business owners to advise them as their companies grow and change,” says Ann. “As businesses expand, so do their demands and requirements for adequate protection. I value the opportunity to help guide them as they set and achieve their goals.” Ann may be mostly business, but she also has a heart of gold.

Trenia Warren

Personal Insurance

Trenia Warren has been a licensed agent since 1989, specializing in personal lines of insurance such as homes, autos, and boats. “The most important part of my job is making sure my customers have the coverage they need,” says Trenia. “I do this by getting to personally know them, their families, and their needs. I value making sure our customers know I will be with them through all the stages of their lives.” Customers truly appreciate her nurturing nature and emotional connections.

Selma Davis

Personal Insurance

Selma Davis handles personal insurance lines and has been a licensed agent since 2004. A resident of Honea Path, she loves building relationships with our policy holders and making sure they have the best possible coverage. Selma says, “I want our customers to know and trust we have their best interest in mind.” Anyone who knows Selma has no doubt.

Rebecca Chatham

Personal Insurance

Rebecca Chatham has been licensed since 1998, and she handles personal lines of insurance. “I enjoy my job because it allows me to meet new people,” says Rebecca. “I love to help make suggestions on how someone can protect their assets.” When they’re in her hands, our clients can rest assured they’re well covered.